How do I save an image without the white background?

I've designed an image in Corel Draw 10 and have not found a successful way to save it in any format that eliminates the "white box" from appearing around the image.  I have tried exporting in GIF and PNG (where at least I am given some option of transparency) but always end up with a black background upon opening after the save. 

I want to be able to give this image to another party to use ontop of their own background without the interruption of a white box surrounding it.  Hopefully, someone can walk me through a solution. 

  • How do I save an image without the white background in CorelDraw? How do I get a transparent or empty background in CorelDraw? How to make a background transparent in CorelDraw? Removing white backgrounds from bitmaps in CorelDraw? Creating transparent bitmaps or transparent background in CorelDraw? How do I make the background of my image in CorelDraw transparent? Here are the basic help tips for such questions:

    When creating a new button, set the background option to transparent. (Default is set to background color.)
    When saving, either save the button as PSD or PNG or Gif to keep the transparent settings. Don't save as a JPEG. Jpeg doesn't support transparency.

    Exporting from Corel Draw:

    1. Select the object
    2. File -> Export
    3. Check the box 'Selected only'
    4. Choose .png format
    5. In the next window choose RGB and max quality (300 dpi)
    6. Check the box Transparent Background
    7. In the next window choose 'mask' (instead of 'none')

    If You open the exported file in Photoshop You will have transparent background. If necessary You can resize image using lower resolution, etc.

    OR just follow these simple steps with pictures:

    Export your image with transparent background:
    Once image has been created in CorelDraw, you must save it, or "export" it in a bitmap format, reopen it in a raster-based graphics application such as PhotoShop in order to save your image in PNG format with transparent background intact.

    1. Export file
    Select "File > Export" to get to the Export dialogue box.

    Transparent Background

    2. Select a format
    Select a format from the "Save as type" pull-down menu. In this case, we're selecting PSD, or PhotoShop Document, and will open the file in PhotoShop to save as a PNG.
    Transparent Background

    NOTE: After selecting which format you want to use, select "Uncompressed" from the "Compression type" pull-down menu.'
    Transparent Background
    3. Set file size
    In the next dialogue, you can set the physical size of your image and set the resolution (200dpi recommended). If your image is to have transparent areas (with garment color showing through), be sure that Transparent Background is selected. Also select Anti-aliasing if you don't want to have "Jaggies" showing.
    Transparent Background
    Click "OK" and you are ready to re-open the file you just exported in your favorite graphics program.

  • Thank you, . I couldn't figure out how to export with a transparent background. But, I still have a problem with a gray outline around the image. 

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