How to read "REALLY OLD" CDR files

I have a couple of 15-year-old CDR files that I need to edit/update, but CorelDraw 12 won't open them -- just gives me an error message saying that they were created with CorelDraw version 1 or 2, and it can't open them.  Does anyone know a way I can update the format of these files so that I can edit them with recent versions of CorelDraw?  Before you ask, I no longer have any version of CorelDraw older than version 12.

  • It is really devastating after 30 years or so to have found backups of my childhood drawings and not to be able to open them because the drawing application to which I showed the greatest loyalty and paid hundreds of $/€ to buy doesn't support ITSELF. The developers/owners of the application, simply don't care, and for years they have not included import filters for their own old versions of the app! They HAVE included, of course, all other sorts of filters for all kinds of crazy apps out there... but not their own!

    Please, Corel, be serious.

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