How to read "REALLY OLD" CDR files

I have a couple of 15-year-old CDR files that I need to edit/update, but CorelDraw 12 won't open them -- just gives me an error message saying that they were created with CorelDraw version 1 or 2, and it can't open them.  Does anyone know a way I can update the format of these files so that I can edit them with recent versions of CorelDraw?  Before you ask, I no longer have any version of CorelDraw older than version 12.

  • Although this is a really old thread it's quite fascinating and I wonder why it should have popped up this recently. I also wonder if changing the file extension from '.cdr' to '.cmx' might work? Unlikely, of course, but silly things like this do pique one's interest. I'm onside with this - I like puzzles. Given the fact that the windows operating system that lies under CorelDRAW is so far different to that of 13 years ago this could be a very fun project for a developer at Corel to solve, just to prove that they can. Doing something for the fun of it. Who'd have thunk of it. Imagine a little app that just makes old files readable. Very cute and a cool marketing device. It'll never make money but it may well make a lot of friends.

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