how to switch off windows7 help and support in corel

Easy way to stop windows7 help and support in corel app

Easy solution if have a Ubuntu disk just boot and delete helpan.exe  

C:/windows/helpan.exe  file on your windows 7 patation

otherwise boot into safe mode

got to  C:/windows

change permissions on file  C:/windows/helpan.exe

then right click and delete.

once reboot back into window and open corel draw that help menu wont pop up when try launch apps


Graeme Brown

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  • I really need it for homework at the university. I installed wine and wineries, then I tried to install CorelDraw X3 and X4. Both break even during installation, each time for different reasons. I also downloaded CorelDraw X3 Portable, but after opening, it says that CorelDraw files were not found (maybe the file is not portable). Do you think maybe I need to install a newer version? But it is more expensive... Or is it better to contact support or ask for help from sites that help with studies, for example, On the work I use Ubuntu, maybe it will be easier for me to install CorelDraw there and solve the problem this way, despite is not too convenient for me.

    In any case, thank for instruction.

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