CorelDraw X7 - Rectangle Corner Rounding Tool popping up when trying to grab nodes

Typically if I need to round the corners of a shape I just type in the numbers in the Corner Rounding tool box at the top of the page. Ever since I re-installed corel onto my new PC the "Rectangle: Corner Rounding Tool" pops up when I try to simply grab a node in the corner of a rectangle shape. If I convert the rectangle to curves then it just switches my point tool to the shape tool - still not easily letting me grab the node in the corner (or wherever the node is)

Anyone know how to fix this?


I'm simply trying to move an object in it's whole without editing the shape. I use nodes to snap to guidelines or each other to set up documents to engrave brass plates and such. I need the shapes within my workspace to remain their proper size while I move them around so that the size represents the object I am engraving accurately. I hope this clarifies any confusion.

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  • I figured it out!

    I had "enable node tracking" checked under the workspace tab in the options box. 

    Just posting this here in case anyone in the future has my same issue and can understand what I'm talking about lol.

    Thanks everyone

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