Need x8 File to Open in CorelDraw 9

I have files I made on Corel Draw x8 that I need to save and open in Corel Draw 9.  When I go to the Save as, it only goes back to Version 11.0.  Is there a different way to save them so I can open them in  9?  My Plotter is on an old computer (ancient) with Corel Draw 9. So I need to get the files to open on  that computer. 

  • As you already know the later versions of Corel only go few versions back on the save as option.  So you would have to save it as an intermediate version file (like 11 or 12) then open it in one of those versions, then save it as version 9.  Another (easier in a long run) solution would be, if the old computer runs Windows XP or newer, would be to buy and install Corel 11 or 12 on the old computer (get rid of 9).  Then you can save the drawings from X8 to version 11 or 12, then open them directly on the old computer and use them with your plotter.

    I'm running Corel 12 on an XP machine (that is what 12 was designed for originally), and also on Win 7 machine.  Older versions of Corel can be purchased on eBay and other places (such as Amazon) for a fraction of the original price.

  • You can save as CMX, that allows to open on older versions too.

    Or install an intermediate version