CorelDraw 9

I am a registered user with version 5 and need version 9 to read/write version 5.

From Wikipedia Version 10 doesn't read Version 9 or earlier. 

Is there anyway I can get a version 9 ? Dave Uphill

  • Dave,

    I'm confused with your question.  What is the end goal here?

    I have been using Corel since version 2 or 3 and currently use version 10 and 12.  I just checked, and my version 10 can save CDR files in formats from version 10-5, so I assume that it can also read those versions of files.

    As for obtaining older versions of Corel Suite, those are often available on eBay for very affordable prices. If you are careful, you can pick up real (not bootlegged) versions from someone who simply no longer needs the program.  That is where I bought my older versions.