Corel v.5

After 3 years I'm back to this Community.

Still using Coreldraw v.5 of 1994 because I stored plenty of files that I do not want to loose.  I loaded only the Coreldraw v.5 with few fonts and filters.

The previous compatibility problem with 32/64bit was let aside and returned back to Windows XP and Win7. (2 PCs)

Was still all good until 2 weeks ago  when during "save"  this message  popup  "error reading".  Drawing not saved . Same issue on both PC's

Someone told that this had to do with Windows TEMP file and, as suggested, suppress all - No Change

When I try to upload a file sometimes appears  "reading problem".  The image it is nevertheless shown in the Mosaic Roll Up

Not all files, stored on external USB key and ext disk, get this problem !

Coreldraw v.5  on screen suggest to create a OLE, but not understood what that means also when reading the associated books.

Can some one help me ?

Thanks a lot