Corel v.5

After 3 years I'm back to this Community.

Still using Coreldraw v.5 of 1994 because I stored plenty of files that I do not want to loose.  I loaded only the Coreldraw v.5 with few fonts and filters.

The previous compatibility problem with 32/64bit was let aside and returned back to Windows XP and Win7. (2 PCs)

Was still all good until 2 weeks ago  when during "save"  this message  popup  "error reading".  Drawing not saved . Same issue on both PC's

Someone told that this had to do with Windows TEMP file and, as suggested, suppress all - No Change

When I try to upload a file sometimes appears  "reading problem".  The image it is nevertheless shown in the Mosaic Roll Up

Not all files, stored on external USB key and ext disk, get this problem !

Coreldraw v.5  on screen suggest to create a OLE, but not understood what that means also when reading the associated books.

Can some one help me ?

Thanks a lot

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  • Claudio,

    If the files stored on your hard drive work ok, but some files on external disks have problem then to me it seems like the external disks have problems, or those files are corrupt.

    Copy some of your CDR files from external disk (both the files which work correctly, and ones that have problem) to your local hard drive. If they copy ok, then try to open them in Corel.  If the files which had problems on external drive still cannot be opened from your hard drive, then they are likely corrupted.