Label Files No Longer Printing the Right Size


My brother designed some circular label templates for me years ago on coreldraw, which I have printed when required every 6 months or so, with no problem.  However, the same files no longer print onto the label sheet in the correct position.  Everything seems to have shrunk a little.  The label image prints some 3mm smaller in terms of diameter within the round label, and the position on the label paper is 10mm out.

I am using CorelDraw Select Edition (which is version 7?) and this is the program the long used files have been created on.  I am using the same PC, I am using the same Windows 7, and I am using the same HP Envy printer, and I am using the same box of label sheets.  I can't figure out why the label files no longer print in the right place so I get a perfect circular label.  I have reviewed the settings and the ratio in coreldraw is set at 1:1, with the A4 setting with the correct measurements in cm for A4.  Printer preferences aren't that detailed for HP Envy so there is no "Fit to Page" or "scale"  options evident like at my work place.  Re-doing the file templates doesn't change the problem. 

Can anyone advise what might have happened and how I can print correctly again?

Thanks a lot


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