Corel Print House Open Dialog Not Working

I long ago used Corel Print House for banners and cards.  At the time I was running an earlier version of Windows.  Upgrades seemed to go fine but at some point in the upgrade process prior to Windows 10, the Open Dialog box stopped working.  When you click on Open Project the program just stops.  No errors or anything.  I can open old projects if I click on them, print old projects and can create and save new projects.  Only Open appears not to work.  Because the program is so old, support cannot help.  The installer won't run so a reinstallation is not an option.  BTW, I have it running in Windows 10 x64 as well as Windows 10 x86.  To get it to work on x64, I had to copy the registry entries to WOW6432Node and make changes to all of the INI files plus copying the DLL's to the PrintHouse directory since they were no longer registered.