Corel Draw 9 files not opening in Corel Draw 9

I have been using Corel Draw 9 for many years on two Win7 PCs.
I bit the bullet and uprgaraded to Win10.
Corel Draw9 loaded without a hitch on the new Win10 laptop.

Every time I try to open a file that I created in Corel Draw9 on the Win10 maching I get a message

"**** is not importable using the selected filter or this format is not supported."

Its a .cdr created and saved on Corel Draw9. (Win7) but will not open on Corel Draw 9 on Win10.

Whats going on?

  • Hi Dubs

    If it helps I've been using CD9 with Windows 10 on 2 different laptops.

    I think I had that message when trying to bring pdf's into CD9 but not so sure was same on Win7.

    With the newer(Dell) one I had a few minor things including screen freeze, page going blank when editing, long file opening times etc. Eventually decided to try CD Standard 2020 in case that helped. BIG MISTAKE!

    Sure the CD9 files do open and work with CDS2020 but I've still had exactly the same other issues. Oh and CD2020 Standard has loads less what I call "Productivity" features, setting of shortcuts, customisation etc. They may be in the full edition but at what price? Seriously considering just ditching it and going back to CD9.

    So in my experience CD9 can work with win10 - at least as well as CD2020 Standard

    Good luck!