How do YOU use CorelDRAW in the classroom?

I really thought when this subject was posted that a bunch of teachers would jump in here and start a discussion, but it hasn't happened yet. I'll see if I can get a jump start here with this post.

Though I have spent at least 12 years of my life in college classrooms and labs as student or teacher, I'm not currently in a College or University setting anymore. Still,I do use CorelDRAW for a lot of things you'd see there. Here is a short list of possibilities to get started.

1. Of course, it's great for designing posters.

2. Lab quizzes and handouts with those technical illustrations and labels

3. Create labels for equipment

4. Create name tags for social events

5. Flyers, handouts, and newsletters for clubs

Now you tell me how you use CorelDRAW in the classroom and campus. Do you have questions or problems you've encountered along the way? Let's get the discussion going.

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  • In our school woodworking shop we use CorelDraw to prepare drawings/designs for use with our laser cutter/engraver. The tasks range from engraving designs on boxtops to cutting wood for inlay on projects to cutting stencils to making signs to engraving nameplates for trophies to...


    Here's an example.