Ventura on 64 Bit - So far so good...

Discouraged in CNEWS and here on finding a solution on running Ventura 10 on Vista 64 Bit , I sought a way to install the program anyway.

Create a directory on the desktop, copy the entire Ventura CD into the folder. Select the Setup32.exe file and right click and choose properties. Set compatibility to XP. Check Run as Administrator.

Double Click the file and Ventura installs. 

It launches and appears to run but I shall do some more testing.


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  •  First of all I did the same thing to get it to work. I copied the entire Install Disk to a temp Directory on my C:\ drive.  Set the compatibility to Windows 2000 and full Administrator rights.  After installing I received the C++ error after second attempt to launch.

    I was working with my MCSD, we discovered that if you copy the "mfc42.dll" from the directory I created on my C: dirve "C:\TEMP\VenturaInstall\System32\Redist\MS\System" everything is fine now. And Fast.

    Biggest problem I have is my Font Library and trying to get that installed under Vista 64