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Logo 5th Element

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Logo 5th Element
posted by Silvio Gomes
Fri, Nov 1 2013
Downloads: 93
File size: 500.6kB
Views: 397

Logo creation: "5th Element". Trademark for a micro brewery.

In view of the customer barley would be the fifth element.

The icons corresponding to the four elements of nature

(earth, water, fire and air) were applied by customer request.


Rtist wrote re: Logo 5th Element
on Sat, Nov 2 2013 12:46

you are really very creative !!!!!!!! 5 stars !!!!

Silvio Gomes wrote re: Logo 5th Element
on Sat, Nov 2 2013 14:44

• All vector / CMYK scale

• Steps:

Dots on red circle >> PowerClip + transparency.

Seal 5º >> Mesh Fill + transparency on top + Drop Shadow.

Outlines >> Convert to objects, Fountain Fill.

Barley >> Bitmaps traced as "outline/detailed logo" + Drop Shadow.

Text "Elemento" >> Outlined + Drop Shadow.

Text "Microcervejaria" >> Envelope resource + black shadow.

Icons >> Vector + Mesh Fill

Execution timed: 43 minutes.

Rtist wrote re: Logo 5th Element
on Sun, Nov 3 2013 11:19

really good !!!

Jesus Cota wrote re: Logo 5th Element
on Sat, Nov 9 2013 15:09

Nice logo Silvio!

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