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Corel X5 study

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Corel X5 study
posted by Sonny Leon
Sat, Apr 4 2009
Downloads: 8,083
File size: 185.3kB
Views: 38,916

I was actually inspired by Eric Andal's version of CorelDRAW's packaging.

I've noticed that (in my opinion), compared to its competitors, Corel's packaging looks slightly dated and a bit cluttered. So I thought what could be done to address this, and this is the result. I wanted it to look clean and minimal, yet has a contemporary, high-end feel to it. This was done entirely in CorelDRAW, though it has some slight imperfections with regards to the wireframe structure of the balloon. Hope you like it!


Eric Andal wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Sat, Apr 4 2009 14:58

i'm very glad to you Sonny Leon to inspired my artwork...Thank you..

Sonny Leon wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Sat, Apr 4 2009 15:29

You're welcome.

Prozach wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Sat, Apr 4 2009 22:00

I like it. I have always felt CorelDRAW's packaging has left alot to be desired.

Aleem Ashraf wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Wed, Apr 8 2009 6:16

Seems as if something is missing in the whole design

karacanak wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Fri, Jul 10 2009 13:48

very good

sultan Singh wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Thu, Oct 22 2009 3:10

Very Nice

I will like it

Kim Jones wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Wed, Dec 30 2009 4:16

Ashraf is right. maybe you should add a little color to the package to make the balloon blend in more, or something along those lines.

Sonny Leon wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Fri, Jan 1 2010 1:52

I've just found out that someone used this in one of the forums here claiming this was the next CorelDRAW X5. As much as I want this to be the next X5, Can someone tell the person who used it that it ain't gonna happen.

@ Kimy

Thanks for your suggestion, but I wanted it to look as minimal as possible (check out the packaging for Windows 7) and the gray is to help the colors from the Corel balloon stand out. The color will come from the interior the box when you open it.

mo wrote re: Corel X5 study
on Sat, Feb 27 2010 10:45

A Pity that someone usd this great work without your permission. Go ahead and claim what is yours.

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