QR Code Macro

OK. The first Open Source Macro so far (AFAIK).

I uploaded the Development branch in the Wiki section, here: http://community.coreldraw.com/wikis/resources/qr-creator-macro.aspx.

Be sure to read that first, before you start elaborating or using this cool macro.

The BETA GSM is available in my gallery, here: http://community.coreldraw.com/media/p/150284.aspx or here:4214.QRCode-Macro.gms.txt (Don't forget to delete ".txt" at the end of the filename before you install it)


I recently joined the Webinar about the new X6 release and someone asked the question id´f CorelDRAW X6 is able to create QR Codes now. No, not yet. So I wrote a small macro today in the morning to create them within CorelDRAW.