How can i find a certain curve in every shape and convert just that curve into a different one

is there any way I can convert or replace a curve with another but keeping the same shape?
For example in the image below I want to change all the curves that are equal to
that small triangle (wrong one) for a simple line equal to the one in the image (right one).

The size of the triangles will always be the same in yours but if it varies, it varies by only 1mm.
(Im using VBA and i can send the plt file that im using below)

  • Hello Joel!
    in this case, it is necessary to analyze the lengths of curves Segments, nodes and angles in nodes. (s.Curve.Segments(i).StartingControlPointAngle; & s.Curve.Segments(i-1).EndingControlPointAngle)
    there is a lot of my favorite geothetry.
    Can you send me an example file to
    I do not promise that I will take care of him soon. Maybe in a few days. I'm a little busy now.