Assume we have User Form with N command buttons with caption
Normally each command button has his CommandButtonN_click event
My idea is all these TEST 1 command buttons to do the same job.
Where is this necessary?
When User form is too big and can be scrolled, then I will to place on this form the same button more then 1 times - for example on top and on bottom and somewhere else.
I know how to place controls on a form and bind code to it.
But i will to create new TEST 1 cb, copy / paste button. Now, when copy / paste command button is placed, code must be entered for each placed button.
My idea is to create a Class for command buttons. In this class captions of all buttons will be checked and if caption is TEST 1 then code for TEST 1 buttons will be executed.
If you have code or any idea, according to this, please share.