This is the question I asked myself several years ago? What can I really do with this software?


This questioning and time of learning and seeking was actually motivated within me one day after going to Foster Coburn’s web site. Where is watched a few of the video samples from one of the training companies he had featured on his site.


While I knew I was proficient in the Corel Graphics Suite I came to realize that I had not mastered the application and that I was paying the price for my lack of knowledge through using wrong techniques which resulted in me taking hours to do projects and work I could have done in minutes.


After this realization I found myself on a quest to discover techniques and routines that I could use to manage my work and projects in the fastest most accurate possible manner. I spent hours playing around with the different features and functions in CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint. Learning, making mistakes and evaluating every project that I came across my desk in the light of newly discovered knowledge.


Weeks, months and years passed as I pursued this knowledge. Some years later I still find myself learning and tweaking what I know every day.


This Corel Graphics Suite is a profoundly deep and powerful graphics application. It is extremely underrated. I know Illustrator, PhotoShop and many other graphics applications which I use from time to time. But when I need to get some work done, I go to my Corel Graphics Suite where I can settle in and blast our vector and bitmap work within one application.


If you are looking to learn more about the Corel Graphics Suite simply take a few hours to review some of the free video tutorials on my web site.


My advice to all Corel users, learn as much you can and harvest the fruit of your learning and labor.

In this day there is an abundance of knowledge and training available. For those of you that are new users take advantage of these resources. These resources were not available when I started and I had to learn it all threw self teaching, trail and error.

Over time you will find that your talent and quality of work will grow side by side with your knowledge and understanding of the software applications you use on a daily basis.


  • Greetings,

    I just looked as some of your tutorials. Excellent, I am impressed. You did a super job on the web creation.

    I have been creating web sites, multi media presentations and video professionally for many years and have been using Draw as you do in creating the assets for most all my projects.

    Your work will help loads of people. Thanks I enjoyed them.

  • Are you screen printing Lilmac? If so then I can see where a tutorial like that is very useful indeed.

    I did the Car project in the vector training becuse it is a vector intensive project that allowed me to go through many vector techniques in the process.

    My goal was to take users from the basics all the way to intense vector techniques.

  • Tom the tut's on your site are awsome. I watched the Bitmap to vector one last night. I have been using Corel since Vesion 4 but never really learned the program. Now i am starting to get more work that requires me to learn more. I have the Unleashed DVD for version 12. And watching some of your tutorials have helped. I;m not doing get car art like many others. I just do what people want. Which is take a peice of clipart and make changes as needed. Thanks for all the support you give.