A new version of CorelCAD is available for you!

The CorelCAD May 2012 update release includes new features and enhancements that will for sure help you to complete your CAD tasks even more efficiently:

CorelCAD now supports PDF underlay so that you can insert single or multiple pages of a PDF document in your CAD drawing. You can control layer visibility of the .PDF in the .DWG and also clip the PDF to any (freeform) mask.

CorelCAD users on the Windows platform now can import CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) files directly into a .DWG file.
So you cannot only export your CAD draftings to CorelDRAW for creating graphically rich presentations or to Corel DESIGNER for technical documentation, now you can also import drafts and sketches that you have created in CorelDRAW and/ or Corel DESIGNER for advanced 2D and 3D modeling in CorelCAD!
Multi-page .CDR and .DES files are supported as well as pages being imported with a representation as viewport on a layout sheet in the resulting .DWG file.
...more on that in future tips in this blog.

The May update release is a free update to all CorelCAD users on Windows and Mac OS X platform.
It can be downloaded from the Patches and Updates page on corel.com.

For a full list of new features and enhancements included with the May 2012 update, please consult the Release notes that are also listed on the Patches & Updates page in local language.

If you have CorelCAD November 2011 update installed (v. 11.8.1054) you don't need to navigate to the download page.
When starting CorelCAD, you will see an update notification pointing you to the right download within the CorelCAD application later today: