What is Saved View Areas?

Saved View Areas is a macro that can get the information about the area that is being viewed in the active window, and then store that information in the document. In this post, I'll refer to that stored information as a Saved View Area (SVA). When an SVA is applied, that stored information is used to set the view area for the active window. This allows one to quickly and easily set a specific view area, and to have a number of such view areas readily accessible.

There are two types of SVA - Page SVAs and Doc SVAs.

A Page SVA is only available for use on the document page in which it is stored. A Page SVA is stored as a Page property, so it "stays with the page" if the page is moved within the document. The macro allows for as many as ten Page SVAs for each document page.

A Doc SVA is not associated with any particular document page, and is available for use on any page of the document. A Doc SVA is stored as a Document property. The macro allows for as many as ten Doc SVAs for a document.

See Saved View Areas in use: