Hi. Fellow CorelDraw users. I just completed upgrading this macro to an X7 version.

Now available for CorelDraw X7:

GDG Items Ta' Path for X7

...with discount code (read below).

Easily fit items to a shift selected curve path.
You can arrange items along the path in many ways.
Also the ability to string items along a linear path you make using 2 clicks of the mouse.
This is the X7 version.

This macro will only operate in the full version of CorelDraw X7 (not academic versions)
If you use X4,5 or X6 you need to purchase that version of the macro as well in order to use in the corresponding version of CorelDraw.

See pictures and videos on product page for more!

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Special Discount Code is valid for the X4-5, X6, and X7 version of this macro.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like the font and macro.