Earlier this week, we uploaded all the finalists of the 2015 CorelDRAW International Design Contest to a dedicated gallery in the CorelDRAW community. As with previous contests, it is now the time for the judges to vote. And one of the votes is going to come from the community! 

The community vote will be based on the ranking of the different images in the various categories taken on June 19th. We will use the built-in rating system, so if you like a specific entry, you can simply go and either like it and/or select the star rating of your choosing. 

Happy voting!


PS: A certain amount of entries had to be disqualified as they didn't comply with the contest rules. The two main reasons for disqualification were that either it wasn't an X7 file, or that it included logos from clearly identifiable third-parties for which we didn't get any confirmation that the artist had full rights to use.