Since my previous post regarding running CorelDRAW on Apple Macintosh computers, it's been interesting that this topic continues to stir up conversation - it continues to be part of our ongoing internal discussions and longer term strategic reviews. So let me go straight to the point: Corel is not currently working on a native MacOS version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and therefore the upcoming new version of our graphics offering will remain Windows-based.

As many of you know, our goal is to provide the best possible solution to our customers around the world and to offer a choice, allowing users to determine whether to purchase a perpetual license or look into our subscription option. We also know that many Adobe CS users are frustrated with the whole Creative Cloud approach, and some are looking for alternatives. To answer their requirements, we are for example providing options in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT to customize the workspaces with a look and behavior similar to Adobe products (and are making this even easier in the upcoming version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite). At the same time, we need to put a priority towards answering the needs of the existing CorelDRAW users and audiences.

But when it comes to develop all new software for MacOS (we understand it shouldn't just be a port of the Windows software), the reality is, it would require at least a full cycle of development where we wouldn't be able to do anything for our Windows users. Although it is not the ideal solution, we do have some users running CorelDRAW Graphics on a Mac using Parallels or Bootcamp, and we are making sure to include Macintosh hardware in our internal testing.

We do take the discussion about this very seriously and continuously monitor the market share of the different operating systems in order to focus our teams for future development of CorelDRAW. We're committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users, and therefore need to focus our investments & resources on serving the Windows platform for software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite at this stage. While we're not currently working on a Mac version of the suite, we continue to monitor the market trends and listen to the conversation for any factor that would change our current direction.

We are constantly expanding into new areas like mobile integration, better content management and new cloud-based services. We are also continuing to make sure CorelDRAW works as well as possible on Apple hardware through Apple's own BootCamp and Parallels. There's definitely a lot of exciting stuff on the way!

PS: If anyone can recommend a development shop that would be willing to create a Mac version and share on the success of a CorelDRAW-based product on the Apple platform, please get them to contact me directly.



  • From the ecconomically speaking - absolute understandable. But … We use Corel since version 1 (not x1  - the abolutely Version 1 :-)) in our ad.-agency for illustration. Here we have only Macs with Adobe CS and ONE Windows-System - just to keep Corel running. Parallels or Bootcamp is no option for daily work, so we have to it. Needless to say, this is unconveniend and the thoughts to quit with Corel are counting and counting.

    If some day Corel with release a CorelDRAW iOS Version - we are a 100% buyer and faithful user.

  • Corel Draw is simply superior to Illustrator (at least regarding it's powerful simplicity), but the Apple community is growing. I see more and more people switching to Mac. I did, much to my surprise. Corel Draw does not work well under virtualization; at least not with Parallels. It's time to look at creating a Mac edition again.

  • I long for the ability to create Filter Effects in a vector environment like DrawPlus from Serif does. Although many of the effects can be reproduced in CorelDraw, it takes hours to create them. DrawPlus uses a Photoshop Filter Effect style dialog which allows hundreds of variations to be applied and viewed using the real-time preview. Right now what I'm doing is drawing my vectors in CorelDraw and importing them into DrawPlus to apply the filter effects.

    Don't get me wrong, I love CorelDraw. It's still my primary money maker, but adding Filter Effects to vectors provides a ton more options than applying them to bitmaps.

  • Thank you Ross for your feedback. We've actually tried some bundles in the past with little success.

  • Gerard I think you are on the right track. I showed a couple of friends your sneak peak, they are professional staff in Architecture and modelling for advertising. they want to try the patern texture app as soon as it is availble. Right now they are all adobe but work with custom textures and fills all the time the idea of being on site with clients creating isreally exciting to them. PS they weren't even aware Corel Cad, Painter and After shot were available for mac now they are looking at painter and cinco.

    It would be great if you could get boot camps to perform better and ship a running version of windows with Draw/pp as a bundle.

    Ross Blair