The CorelDRAW teams continues to work on regular releases for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. We are now giving the finishing touches to the third update for X7 that will be available in December 2014. This update will provide stability and performance enhancements for anyone with a free Standard Membership. For those of you with a Premium Membership or a Subscription, you will gain early access to new tools that will else only be available with the next major version of CorelDRAW. Today, I want to show you some of new Premium Features coming to Corel PHOTO-PAINT. While my favorite photo editor has had Gaussian blur available as an effect for many versions, it always has to be applied to the background or active object. New to Update 3 is the ability to use it as a lens. This allows you to use the effect without directly affecting the underlying pixels, and because it’s a lens, you can edit the lens mask to limit where the effect gets applied to your photo. We have also added perspective correction to the Straighten Image dialog. These new controls allow you to fix vertical and horizontal perspective distortions so your image won’t look like it’s tilting.

Tony Severenuk from the User Experience Designer team on CorelDRAW recorded a video to show you that new feature - Thank you Tony!