As a follow-up to my post last week, I wanted to share an additional new feature that will be made available for Premium Members and Subscribers in December 2014 when we release the Third Update for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. This time, it's a new tool called "Border and Grommets". CorelDRAW has long been used for signage and in Update 3 we’ve made it easier to prepare your design for mounting or hanging. The Border and Grommets can take your design and make it print ready for a large format printer. If you’re planning on mounting your design to stretchers, use the Border feature to add color or graphics around your design. This removes the unsightly white border you see around so many mounted prints. Options include to use a solid color, to stretch the outer part of the design, or to mirror the outer region. If you’re going to hang your design, use the grommet section to place grommet markers around the outside of your design. You can define a specific spacing between the grommets or by how many grommets should be down each side.

As for the previous post in this series, Tony Severenuk from the User Experience Designer team on CorelDRAW recorded a video to show you that new feature - Thank you again Tony!