Here is the third and final sneak peek for the upcoming CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7.3 Update. As previously mentioned, this update will be free for everyone with a Standard Membership and will provide stability and performance enhancements. For those of you with a Premium Membership or a Subscription, you will gain early access to new features that are scheduled for the next major release of CorelDRAW (we are still quite a long time away before that version). CorelDRAW has had a knife tool for many versions but for X7 Update 3 we aimed to make a new one that is more powerful and flexible for users. The new knife tool is found in the toolbox above the original knife tool and when you select it you will notice many new options on the Property Bar. For example, it’s now very easy to switch between the various drawing modes for the knife tool, the 2point line, freehand and bezier. With the Premium knife tool you can now select objects that you want to cut, there is no need to go back to the Pick tool to select objects. If no objects are selected then the knife will slice all objects on the page. The Premium Knife Tool also options that can be applied to the cutline. The default is slice the objects along the cut line. The Premium Knife Tool can specify a gap of a specified width, or kerf, along the cutline to leave space in the cut graphic. In addition, the new tool can configured to create an overlap so both sides of the cut line will overlap.

As for my previous posts, thank you to Tony Severenuk from the User Experience Designer team on CorelDRAW for recording a video to show you that new feature.