After getting a glimpse in the new drop shadows with gaussian blur and the new font list, here is another exclusive benefit for Premium Members and Subscribers that we will introduce with the X7.4 update. But first a few comments. While the features we introduce in updates normally become available for everyone with the next major update, the access to the CorelDRAW Edition of Aftershot, Corel's professional RAW workflow solution, will remain exclusive for Premium Members and Subscribers, even after the next major new version. Yes, starting with Update 4, Premium Members and Subscribers will be able to download a special version of AfterShot to greatly enhance their RAW photo-editing. The first version we will release will be based on AfterShot 2.0 with a limited number of cameras. We plan to get in sync with the stand-alone product from a Camera RAW compatibility in coming months, but wanted to get the initial version in your hands as soon as possible. Here is a short video showing how both products work together: