As previously mentioned, you can choose how to purchase CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. You can either opt for a time-based subscription or, if you prefer, you can go with a perpetual license option (e.g. get a box or a download version). If you choose the traditional route, you can then get free Standard Membership or sign-up for a Premium Membership.

In addition to the access to the online content library and access to the latest performance and stability improvements that are included with the Standard level, Premium members get access to additional exclusive content as well as early access to new features that will else only be released with the next major release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. This means that Premium Members were able to access functionality in the X6.2, X6.3 and X6.4 update that will be available to everyone else with the next major release.

And on the subject of major releases, one additional advantage of signing-up for a Premium Membership is that your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite will always be up-to-date, and you will, therefore, get the next major updates (let's call the next one X7) of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite when it is being released by Corel as long as your Premium Membership is active.

If you haven't signed-up for the Premium Membership yet, why not give it a try today. Simply launch CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT and select "About CorelDRAW Memberships" in the help menu. From there, you can either try the Premium Membership features for 15-days for free, or sign-up for the yearly plan in a few clicks.

One final note: For those who choose the subscription route, a Premium Membership is included with your product for as long as your subscription is active, and you will therefore be able to get the latest version when we release it.