Another week, another sneak peek... Today I am going to show you a companion app that we will release at the same time as the next version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. This iOS app is called Patterns, and enables to you create, yes, seamless bitmap textures and patterns from pictures you take on the go. Patterns and fills are an area of focus for the next version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, but to learn more about that, you will need to wait a little longer. And before you ask, this is an iPhone app at this stage, and we won't have an Android or Windows Phone version in the short term.

As a reminder, if you have purchase X6 and want to keep always up-to-date with access to the latest version when it releases, you should check out the CorelDRAW Premium Membership. Plus, with a Premium Membership, you will get immediate access to some of the new features of X7 that we've made available early to Premium Members such as the QR Code generator, font playground, ... (check out my previous sneak peek videos to get more details). Find out more about the Premium Membership from within CorelDRAW / Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 in the help menu. And if you are subscribing to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the next version will also become automatically available to you when we release it. You can choose between a perpetual license and a subscription option (and that's not going to change with X7).

  • Interesting idea. Note this is an app not for mac users but for anyone with an ios device that wants to create and share patterns as png etc. There is a huge market of designers using ios tablets, phones etc that can use this. check the resolution capability of those cameras. this could be really interesting for those who travel and design. Ios  supports the graphic abilities much better on mobile devices than android or Windows

  • Glad to know patterns and fill area in on focus on the X7 version , it is really needed and we have great expectations!

    Regarding to the app , sorry but I found it absurd, an app for creating bitmap patterns only for mac users???? and to be released with a PC based software?it seems, this is a kind of joke for loyal PC/Windows CorelDRAW users... :-\

  • No Android version? Don't even bother releasing it. It'll jist make Corel look bad.

  • I hope there will be real improvements in photopaint and better possibilites for website creation.

    I do not use Apple devices and CorelDraw also is only Windows based, too. (except v11). So it doesn´t make sense to me only supporting iOS for such apps.

    I also would not choose my mobile snapshots for creating patterns for professional design.

    Maybe I´m wrong but as a premium member and I´m staying tuned for version x7 and real improvements.

  • I'm more curious about the statement: "Patterns and fills are an area of focus for the next version..." I'm anxious to see what this means!