Hi. Several years ago I actively wrote macros for CorelDRAW. It was my hobby. Some of them were free, the other paid, and some were never published. Even free macros shipped with a closed code. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now, I have other interests and I don’t have enough time for macros. Moreover, I don’t have CorelDRAW because it can’t be installed on my working OS. :( But it will be great if the macros are supported any way. I have a nice thought: it will be great if I share sources of mostly (not all) macros, and somebody can update them and use in an actual version of CorelDRAW, or maybe continue developing.

I can share sources (nothing special, just ugly code that works) that is written on VBA & C# and can help somebody who may systematize it, write a quick guide, etc.

I already shared few of them on my GitHub profile. Latest available links you can find on my restored website (“Open Source” section).