Christmas 2005 we signed off on the release build of CGS x3. 

It was undeniably the most user focused release of CGS ever (there are absolutely no metrics to back that up, it's just true.).  The User Experience Team at Corel began a tradition of toasting to a release's success with some tasty wine. 

The tradition has entered its Second Iteration with our Painter X celebration. A plaque that displays the wine labels from these celebrations pasted into wine-label-shaped recesses under a CGS X3 Wordmark with a brief description of the occasion seemed like a cool plan.

First time using an engraver...:-)


  • they must have been plenty drunk when they released painter11 with all it's bugs.

    Hey did you know that wine contains alcohol which is a highly addictive and toxic substance. Alcohol as in the  kind a person drinks has noproven medical  benefits,nor is it prescribed by doctors.