Spitfire Cutaway Blueprint

This is the design that we print on t-shirts and coffee mugs.  The colors are optimized for dye sublimation, so they are a little over saturated for the web.  We are also looking for designs that compliment our existing work.

The cutaway is created from over 3,000 original Supermarine construction blueprints and photographs. The left hand side of the cutaway shows the exterior view of The Old Flying Machine Company's Spitfire Mark IX (MH434) as it was in 1943. The right hand side exposes all of the inner workings of a Spitfire such as the Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 engine, flight controls, radios, etc. Also included are the topview of the aeroplane to depict the wings and the frontview to, hopefully, the depict how the Spitfire was seen in the Luftwaffe pilot's rearview mirror.

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  • This is the color version of the wooden cutaway model that I posted earlier.  We also have created wood block print versions that we put on polo shirts.  We start out with a line drawing and then create a color version, a wood block print version, and a wooden model version.  The three different drawings are actually very different from each other but have a common start point.

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