School Children 2

This is the raster version of the little cartoon I did of a school boy and a school girl.

In England the children are still required to wear a school uniform when they attend school!


  • Hello Giulio,

    Thank you for you nice comment!

    This cartoon was originally part of a larger drawing I had made which appeared in a local magazine. I liked the look of these two kids so I "picked them out" and stored them in my clipart folder.

    My method: -

    I nearly always start drawing with a real pencil on real paper. When I have the drawing as I like it, I then ink it in with real black ink, and generally tidy it up. Then I scan it into my computer, in greyscale, then blacken it further until it is a sharp outline drawing.

    Then I use CorelDraw to convert it to vector, when I add colour etc and use all the CorelDraw tricks to make it look nice. If it is needed for publishing I then convert it to raster and add shading and so on. When I'm completely satisfied, I canvert it to jpeg and then send it to the customer via e-mail.

    What do you think? Cheerio for now, Don Mann

  • Hi Don very nice work How did you do it