Water Follies 2013

The 48th Annual running of the Columbia Cup art work. Began in Corel Draw to piece together 8 photos, refined in PS, finished in Corel Painter then back to Draw. Hope you like it. The art goes live this week, and I'm pretty excited ;-) Our last couple years designs we pushed some pretty "out there and risky stylization" ideas for this genre to astonishingly positive response. This year the event coordinators wanted to try another more retro piece like I did a few years ago. Which I was about to try to fight them on because we were going to have the F-22 performances until Sequestration, grounded all of that. Hoping next year will be different because that design would be so slick my! (My 2008 design doubled! which is still probably my most proud CorelDraw design yet - AMAZING what this program can do!).  I'm still proud of this design though and it was challenging and I got to use Painter again that I really want to learn to master ;-)

For this project one thing I like to do is change it up every year as you will see in my other gallery posts - I think I have at least the last 6 or 8 up? It is probably my most artistically creative project of the year in some ways. Working in a corporate environment it's easy to fall into a certain frame of mind if you don't take risks. The partnership we've gained with this local community organization has been amazingly fun and great, and allows another dedicated outlet to really try new stuff to keep it fresh, step outside the boundaries, be creative with an exposure to millions. Not only on a creative side but a marketing side and the impact that marketing and branding has - which is how we actually value our success and keep a pay check ;-)

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