pae stage illustration.jpg

this was probably one of the most tedious pieces i've done. the map was over 25 feet long done entirely in corel, output at 150dpi, and onto cloth.  The working file was actual size and looked beautiful.  all the textures were multiple layers of stucco and leather almost real scale, using layer fading to tile it all the way across the picture, probably 15 different texture photos scaled about 200 times to create each layer, plus the layer that was clipped into the continents, and i even bitmapped a copy of the line work to make it look like it was bleeding into the cloth.  It was used in whole as a backdrop for the stage, as well as the hall banners, and various other pieces created for the show such as agendas, print, and digital media pieces.  It was a fun project, took about 2 days with all the interuptions to wait for it to save. the final layered working corel file was about a gig.