Johnny's Liver

Quite the "liver lips" on the guy... some major warping in PP. The textures were made in Draw/PP, and the face was painted in 2D this way.

Some of you might remember this ghost story... it left an impression on me!

One day, Johnny was getting ready for school. His mother gave him some money and asked him to get some liver on the way home for Dinner.

He said "Sure thing, mom". But Johnny was distracted, and stopped by a candy store on the way home.

He had enough money left to buy liver, but when he got to the butcher's shop - it was already closed.

He thought... "Oh no! What am I going to do?"

As he was walking home, he passed a funeral home.

He looked in the dumpster behind the building and found a liver. He put it into some newspaper he found lying around, and took it home. Johnny normally liked liver, but that night, he didn't feel like having any.

A few hours later, Johnny was lying in bed trying to sleep when he thought he heard something. He strains his ears and there's "Johnny, Johnny, I'm at your gate. I want my liver back!"

Johnny heard the front gate clink open and foot steps up the path, and then Johnny, Johnny, I'm at your front door. I want my liver back!"

Johnny was getting a bit nervous by now and got up and shut his bedroom door. He then heard the front door open and footsteps on the stairs Johnny, Johnny, I'm on your stairs. I want my liver back!"

Johnny is getting scared now and pulls the sheet up over his head. The footsteps go along his hall and stop outside his bedroom door, Johnny, Johnny, I'm at your bedroom door. I want my liver back!"

Johnny pulls the blanket over his head and is now shaking. He hears his bedroom door creak open and footsteps up to the foot of his bed, Johnny, Johnny, I'm at your bed. I want my.. BOO!"

Click on the image to see something... I used mesh warp.