Fan Unit

 This image was created to show how air flows through this newly designed fan unit. Many layers and transparencies were used.

  • Yup, you are correct. iStock, Shutterstock, etc. If it is a site that accepts vectors, then they would not accept this one.

  • I can understand that.  I work at a large electrical sign company designing signs and graphics and I get art/logo files from all over the country.  Most vector files are generated in illustrator and are a constant source of headaches since we use Corel Draw here.  When I enlarge those files up for large format printing the outlines do not scale up with them and the corners on get clipped off since everyone is using fake outlines on them.  The blends are always opening corrupted.

    Even though we have Adobe Illustrator here just so we can open them in their native software, I still must re-work those files before we can print them.  So it makes sense they would want the files that way.

    So, this illustration would not be accepted by, say, a site like istock?

  • Thanks Ted,

    Yeah, they have a whole bunch of rules and regulations but the big one is no transparencies.

    All images must be submitted as an Adobe EPS version 8 format and pure vector, and does not include bitmaps. Many of the "special effects" are either not supported by the eps file format, or are not very reliable. Even gradients can be trouble. So in order to give the customer the most reliable and usable file possible, and not knowing what kind of program they will be using to open the file, they have these very strict standards...understandably.

  • Nice work Bill.

    I'm confused though, in your top statement you state that no transparencies are used but on this particular illustration you use transparencies.

    Did you mean you don't use transparencies for the Microstock agencise only?  Do they not accept transparencies or something?