Woltjer Family Residential Sign

 This is sign I produced for a co-worker who wanted something special in commeration of the fifth anniversary of their first home purchase. One of these days I'll take a picture of the actual sign. This was done with CorelDraw X3 which is the best version of CorelDraw so far.

  • Hey, this is very nice.  I have not yet purchased coreldraw and have been using an IOLINE stencil cutting machine for producing simple stencils.  I asked for a graphics program and was told Coreldraw 9 was the way to go.  I do stencils for a simple application to woodworking, but see so much of your font and your colorstyle that I want it all too.  Have you tried to cut stencils or do you just paint?  I want to know if you have ever tried coreldraw 9 or if you have any suggestions for someone with little graphic art experience.  I love your work.  Keith