Woltjer Family Residential Sign

 This is sign I produced for a co-worker who wanted something special in commeration of the fifth anniversary of their first home purchase. One of these days I'll take a picture of the actual sign. This was done with CorelDraw X3 which is the best version of CorelDraw so far.

  • The Woltjer Family Residential Sign proudly stands at the entrance of their cherished abode, marking the beginning of warmth and hospitality. Surrounded by lush greenery and a serene ambiance, it symbolizes generations of shared memories and traditions. Adorned with intricate craftsmanship, it echoes tales of love and togetherness. As one steps over the threshold, the Chevron Parquet Flooring UK welcomes with its timeless elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to the home's ambiance. Each step taken on its fine-grained surface resonates with echoes of past joys and future aspirations, making every moment precious within the Woltjer household.

  • Hey, this is very nice.  I have not yet purchased coreldraw and have been using an IOLINE stencil cutting machine for producing simple stencils.  I asked for a graphics program and was told Coreldraw 9 was the way to go.  I do stencils for a simple application to woodworking, but see so much of your font and your colorstyle that I want it all too.  Have you tried to cut stencils or do you just paint?  I want to know if you have ever tried coreldraw 9 or if you have any suggestions for someone with little graphic art experience.  I love your work.  Keith