CorelDraw2020 crashing repeatedly

I just bought CorelDraw2020 since I had so many problems with 2019.  And it's crashing all the time!  I'm doing normal actions - selecting, using the shape tool, on standard .cdr files.  I try to save all the time, but I can't save every 10 seconds, and I keep losing a few minutes of work with every crash (not to mention restarting the program and opening all my files.)  What is going on?  

To clarify: first the program freezes, then it just closes.

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  • Exactly the same problem here, both with CorelDraw and CorelPaint 2020 on Win 10 64-bit, that shut down when opening a file edited just a short time ago.  They ran problem free just for 2 weeks or so.  No, no other program has problems like this and the previous version of Corel Suite ran fine for years before it became completely obsolete.  Having the blame pushed on the system is like getting slapped in the face in addition.  Shame!