EPS Output Anomalies

Hello everyone!

I am having a curious problem over the past few months.  I will use CorelDRAW (2020) to create sign graphics over various dimensions.  5.2x10.2 inches, 8.2x11.2 inches.  9.2x12.2 inches or 12.2x18.2 inches.  I set the units for the page to inches.  And when I create an EPS file, I set it to export the file to the page dimensions.  No problem.  Only when I email the resulting EPS files to a sign fabricator I work with, she will open the EPS files in Adobe Illustrator 2023 that are displaying the units as pixels.  Or inches.  Or the page dimensions of the EPS output might be 2-3 times as tall/wide as the actual page dimensions I had set.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?  Opening EPS files generated in CorelDRAW 2020 in AI 2023 and having the units and page dimensions winding up as a mess?  :-(  I would welcome any ideas of feedback people might have.  Thanks!


  • Why eps? I, personally, don't trust eps files.

    Make your selection, publish to pdf ensuring "selection" is checked and with bitmap compression set to ZIP, compress text & line art & Export text as curves. If the 3rd party can't use that then I'd find another vendor.

  • EPS is what many (most?) sign vendors I've ever worked with have wanted to receive.  But that is beside the point.

    EPS output worked just fine with Adobe Illustrator software until the vendor switched to Adobe Illustrator 2023.  So "something" happened from previous versions of AI and 2023, as it relates to the way that CorelDRAW exports to EPS are read.  Particularly how page dimensions and page units are no longer recognized properly.