publish website with corel website creator X6 ?

can you explain how to publish website with corel website creator X6 easily ? i dont know anything about this

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  • When you install Corel Website Creator X6, it is added to your Windows Start menu.


    1.From the Start menu, choose  All Programs> Corel> Website Creator X6.

    2.Follow the onscreen instructions to configure your system, or skip this for now and continue.

    3.You can use the Site wizard to create a site or go directly to Corel Website Creator X6 Online view.

         •If you choose the Site wizard, follow the onscreen instructions to create your site.

         •To create a blank site or open an existing site, see Creating and Opening Sites.

    After the first launch, you can set Application Options so Corel Website Creator X6 automatically opens the last site you
    worked on in the last view you used. See Setting Program Options.

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