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"CorelDraw X6 has stopped Working'

Since I'm getting this several times a day, is Corel planning to fix this, refund our money or what?

It happens when I go to print and even when it has been open with no activity for 15-20 minutes.

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  • Hi,

    Not sure what you mean? Do you have 6.1 installed? Are you saying when you hit print the program closes? When you simply leave it on and alone it closes?

    Need more details. This is not happening here at all.


  • Hi Ozman


    As Bob has said in his previous posting your question lacks details. It is important to tell us the main features of your file, such as:

    1st. Is it a pure vector (.cdr),  just a bitmap (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff, etc.) or both combined?

    2nd. File size?

    3rd. Did you apply some effect (lenses, shadows, mesh fill) or some other special feature?

    4th. If there is text , which font(s) was (were) used?

    5th. What kind of print output are you trying to run?

    6th. What printer are you using?

    7th. Your computer has the minimum settings required to deal with the Suite?

    8th. Is your CDGS version updated?

    9th. Is your OS updated?

    10. Is your printer drive updated?

    Anyway, as you can see above, there are many different issues that may be contributing to your work not been printed correctly.


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  • ozman
    Since I'm getting this several times a day,


    Getting what?  If you work flow is as incomplete as your posts it may be difficult to blame the software.

  • In reply to David Milisock:

    David Milisock
    Getting what?  If you work flow is as incomplete as your posts it may be difficult to blame the software.

    Zing! That made me laugh, but seriously, he's new let's take it easy on him for a moment.

    So, new guy, what more can you tell us? can you upload a sample file to the forum or provide a link to a dropbox file?

  • In reply to bob:

    I'm using a new Lenovo W520, 16 gb ram with everything updated.  64 bit. 7pro.

    Printing to an HP 1600 Color Laserjet which I have used for years. Set to recommendations from David Milisock

    The problem started some months ago on the same kind of work i've done for years without crashing. No other app stops working.

    Googling it, I find complaints going back for months, some from 2011 with no solutions.





  • In reply to ozman:

    we can't help you unless you can be more specific. is one file giving you a provlem? an action? all files? have you installed the first service pack?


    give us something to work with here.

  • In reply to Mike Ver Duin:

    It happens on all my graphic work so it isn't a problem with a specific file.  Often, but not always, its when you press "print".

    Once, while sitting unused on my extra screen, it crashed   A few times it was when anything was moved or clicked on.

    Some other complaints are getting this problem with X5 and a few have suggested W7 causes it.

    Service pack installed and it crashed right after.  The crashes wipe out the current file and even saved versions of it along with other work.

    When it started Corel went into a "not responding" mode which some users thought was a memory problem.

    I recall Dave Milisock writing that he has 32gb of ram and the program worked like a rocket.. I noticed with 16gb of ram the Not Responding lasts only a few seconds. I have an extra 8gb to install as well.

    The problem seemed to go away with the new Lenovo but reappeared at random.

    The warning says Corel Draw x6 has stopped working. Windows will try to find out why and notify you if a solution is found"

    I have reinstalled X6 and run repair to no avail.

  • In reply to ozman:

    I have reinstalled X6 and run repair to no avail.


    Are you using an SSD?

    What are your un-install and install procedures?

    do you have multiple versions o nthe same system?

  • In reply to Mike Ver Duin:

    Mike Ver Duin
    he's new let's take it easy on him for a moment.

    Can't answer a question that's not ask properly.  All jokes aside this stuff is complicated and details are required.

  • In reply to ozman:

    Does your printer have the drivers for win7 64bit?



  • In reply to ozman:

    I am seeing windows explorer crashing randomly on win7 64 bit and requiring windows explorer to restart.  No pattern, on and off stuff, sounds like your Lenovo. Wonder if that is doing it?

  • In reply to David Milisock:

    No SSD

    Uninstall with REVO

    Install from cd without Bitstream

    I have X5 and X6 but no multiples - do you mean two installs of one program?

  • In reply to bob:

    yes, it has 64 bit W7 drivers. Good results for non Postscript

  • In reply to bob:

    One response on another forum claimed Aero is rsponsible.

    An odd thing happening at the same time is a ghost image left behind - its the right hand and bottom shadow lines from the text edit box, looking like an L facing left.

    It stays on the second screen until I close Corel.

  • In reply to ozman:

    just got it again after I printed the file- a few minutes later, crash, file gone.