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Installing CorelDraw X6


Would it be possible to install CorelDraw X6 - 64-Bit Version parallel to existing X5 (32-Bit)?

Why would I want to do that? As X6 is brand new, I'd like to revert back to my X5 environment in case I run into problems with X6.

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  • Yes it is possible. Not only that, it is encouraged by many on this forum.

    I have, on one machine, Ver 11, X3, X4, X5 and X6 of the Corel Graphics Suite installed and running.

    Do note, that the last version that you install, will be the default version when you double-click on a *.cdr file to open it.

  • In reply to Hugh Johnson:

    Hello Hugh

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    That's great. So, I could again install my old X3 (which I liked much) on top of x5 & X6? Can the X3 Service Packs be installed without Problems? Anything else I might need to be aware of? I'm running Windows7 Pro 63-Bit.


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    Regardless of which version of the CGS you install, do make sure that you also install all of the Service Packs and Hot Fixes for them.

    Do note, that some of the older versions of the Corel Graphics Suites may not operate correctly on your PC, and this is due to the CGS software not being qualified to run with a version of Windows much newer than the Corel software.

    Also, be aware that the version of Corel Graphics that gets installed last, is the one that ends up with the default application to open your documents when you double-click on your document.