bitmap effect

Question has been asked before, but I don't see any answers.   I'm hoping those who asked came up with solution on their own(?).   I haven't!

The following code used to work: in CorelDRAW Graphic Suite in processing photographs for laser engraving

Public Sub Photo_Wood_EpilogLaser()
' Recorded 7/25/2014
1    Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
2    Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
3          OrigSelection(1).Bitmap.Resample 0, 0, True, 600#, 600#
4          OrigSelection(1).ApplyEffectGamma 3.5
5          OrigSelection(1).Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect "Unsharp Mask", "UnsharpMaskEffect UnsharpMaskPerctg=_
6          OrigSelection(1).Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect "Sharpen", "SharpenEffect SharpenLevel=100,SharpenThreshold=_
7          OrigSelection(1).Bitmap.ConvertToBW 5, Halftone:=2, HalftoneAngle:=0, HalftoneSize:=6
End Sub

I'm far from understanding all the above values; it was recorded and it worked for several versions of CGS.

Unfortunately, none of the above will record. So, I can't cheat!

line #4 (Gamma)  Has *not* worked since about v18, but started working again in the brand new v24.{HooRay!}

line #7 (ConverToBW) has always worked

that means I still need help in coding   #3(ReSample), #5,#7(UnSharp, Sharp)

When I say "not working,"  there is no error message as it passes through code, it just does nothing.