ApplyEffectBCI not working in macro


This code below used to work with previous versions of CorelDRAW but not now.
What has changed with ApplyEffectBCI??

I know that now if we add a "Brighness, Contrast, Intensity" effect to the image it get's non-destructive and is added to the "Bitmap Effects"  list.

Sub ImageBrighness()

    Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
    Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange

    Dim sh As Shape, s As Bitmap

    If ActiveSelectionRange.Count = 0 Then
         MsgBox "No Shapes Selected"
         Exit Sub
        For Each sh In OrigSelection
            sh.ApplyEffectBCI 10, 10, 10
            Dim sh1 As Shape
            Set sh1 = sh.ConvertToBitmapEx(cdrRGBColorImage, False, True, 200, cdrNormalAntiAliasing, True, False, 95)
        Next sh
    End If
End Sub

Any help would appreciated.