CorelDRAW presents a very useful and handy feature when you need to convert several files to a specific format with few clicks.

Step 1
Go to: Tools > Macro > Run Macro…

Step 2
In the field Macro in select File Convert and click on Run.

Step 3
a. In the field Source browse to the folder where the file/s are located.
b. In the field File Type make your choice.
c. Select the file/s from list and click on Add and Ok.

Note: The speed of the conversion depends on how many files you had selected, but generally this process is very fast when there are only a few files to be converted.

Step 4
a. In the field Destination, browse to the folder where you wish to save the new files.
b. In the field Convert to, choose the file format to be converted to.
c. Click on Convert.

Tip provided by Silvio Gomes, CorelDRAW Master, Artist and Graphic Designer