If you are an illustrator or designer and want to create an old-style Pixel Art image, Corel PHOTO-PAINT is your best friend. Create a new, small pixel-sized image: File > New… (CTRL+N), of around 200 x 300 pixels. Choose a resolution of 72 or 300 dpi. Turn off anti-aliasing. Use Grid from the View menu (View > Grid), and Grid settings in the Options dialog (Tools > Options or Ctrl+J).  You can also right-click the ruler for quick access to the Grid settings. Set the grid to 27 x 27, and paint (Toolbox > Paint tool or P), with a hard brush nib to create your classic Pixel Art styled illustration, for the web, or printed on a large format. When finished with your illustration or design, simply use resample (Image > Resample), and no anti-aliasing.  If you have 300 dpi from the start, it will print out at great quality as well.

Tip provided by Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW Master, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist.