I've created my own customized font categories (collections) in the new Corel Font Manager X8 and made sure every font belong to at least one of those categories.  Being able to filter out all other fonts but the style of font I need is a huge time saver.  My font  categories are as followed:
*Favorites (I placed an asterisk next to this one so that it remains at the top of my categories), Beveled/Engraved, Condensed, Extended, Foreign, Fun/Odd, Gothic/Calligraphy, Grunge/Imperfect, Heavy, Light Weight, Old School, Pixel, Round, Sans Serif, Script, Script Casual, Serif Classic, Serif Slab, Square/Techno, Glyphs

Tip provided by Joe Diaz, CorelDRAW Master, Graphic Designer and Sign Artist

  • This is one of those overlooked COOL features that makes X8 simple, fast and profitable. In the sign business we're always bending metal with the fonts requiring certain stroke widths at 14" to 24" height. Simply whip up an LED channel letter font set and the world is your oyster!